Defining what amazing looks like


Beaverbrooks is one of those rare companies where the senior management’s view of the business as an employer is mirrored perfectly by the employees. In building an Employer Brand for the high street jeweller, then, it wasn’t really about solving any issues Beaverbrooks had as much as it was about celebrating how much everyone loves working there. 



There was an obvious set of skills and characteristics that all Beaverbrooks people shared and that’s what we wanted to define in the Employer Brand. We called it ‘The hallmark of amazing people’. And our supporting collateral demonstrated the ways that this amazingness came to life, using all the various ‘buying scenarios’ that might occur over the course of the financial year.



Beaverbrooks loved ‘The hallmark of amazing people’ so much that they trademarked it. They loved our Employer Brand Pillars so much that they formalised them into their internal comms rollout, naming them ‘At Beaverbrooks’. And the Brand is now growing and rolling out and attracting more amazing people to the business.



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