Changing the world. One light bulb at a time.


E.ON wanted their Graduate and Undergraduate recruitment to mirror the excitement and innovation of their adventurous consumer advertising. Their offering was based on being a part of something bigger; working as a team in new, unexpected ways; forging a career that could change the world. So that’s what we needed to sell.



Video was the perfect medium to reflect the ambition of the consumer advertising. So we produced a stunning piece of live action and CGI film and pushed it out across social media and graduate sites, with a host of supporting collateral.

The concept, loosely based on The Borrowers movie, which came out when our target audience were kids, showed that working together, E.ON Graduates could light up the whole of Britain using energy from different sources.



Astonishing! The Video has already received 46,000 views on Facebook plus a staggering 68,500 impressions and 13,800 views on Youtube.




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