hub by Premier Inn

The micro-hotel with a big Employer Value Proposition


Premier Inn’s micro-hotel brand, hub, offers a high end crash-pad for travellers who want a value option of staying in the best city centre locations. Upon their launch, they wanted to attract ‘hipster’ team members who’d know every inch of the city – from major sites of interest to underground haunts. 



We developed a lifestyle Employer Brand that tapped into the, ‘inner thoughts,’ of our cool, city-slick target audience. Matching hub’s offering to their own desires by making the two indistinguishable from each other.

We embedded the hub logo into models’ clothing, almost as a lifestyle accessory, to emphasise this sense of interconnectedness. And demanded depth of knowledge of the city life of our audience.



hub was inundated with applications from candidates whose lifestyles mirrored those of the characters in our Employer Brand rollout. And, within three short months, they were fully staffed and ready to open their first hotel.



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