An Employer Brand that truly mirrors culture


We discovered that the vast majority of McCain people loved working with their colleagues and shared a real sense of camaraderie. The only issue they perceived was in terms of top-down communication, which they didn’t feel reflected their own voice or the sense of pride they all shared. Enter Jupiter. 



Positioning McCain as an employer had to be about cascading the voice of the people back up through the organisation so that it filtered through all the way to senior management. And then adopting that voice in all top-down communications. Mirroring culture across all communications to show McCain people just how valued they were.

So we celebrated company culture in our imagery. Showing the pride people take in their work. And celebrating that true feeling of family shared by McCain people.



McCain has experienced record levels of employee engagement and the most recent company-wide staff survey has demonstrated that workplace satisfaction has increased by an incredible 26%.



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