Pizza Hut

Encouraging the UK talent pool to Taste Freedom


Pizza Hut Restaurants used to be daytime joints for parents with kids’ birthday parties and teenagers on first dates. With Taste Freedom, that all changed. New look, new menu, new vibe. And The Hut needed to make sure its new, hip, nightlife status was reflected in its employee base. 



We went back with a number of creative treatments to The Hut. But, every time we spoke to them, we realised that consumer brand Taste Freedom must be reflected in the Employer Brand.

This demonstrates perfectly how a consumer offering can be twisted and reconceptualised to deliver the perfect content situated within the perfect layouts to attract the perfect candidates.



Our Employer Manifesto for The Hut had the Board literally applauding us upon its presentation. We were told, ‘It took our consumer agency months to work us out. You just got us immediately.’ And our Employer Brand has been delivering a steady stream of talent ever since.



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