IT recruitment invades the City


Sainsbury’s was recruiting 400 new Developers to its new Digital & Technology hub in Manchester. This was a rare and difficult-to-reach target audience with a distinct preference for small start-up tech companies. 

We carried out some research and found out what they liked (retro gaming), where they worked (Manchester’s Northern Quarter, mostly) and how they travelled to work (by tram and car). And then we served our message to them in a way they just couldn’t ignore.



We literally – and metaphorically – invaded the city of Manchester with this classic retro gaming image of a Space Invader – a favourite of our target audience, as research demonstrated.

Our campaign showed the whole of the city that Sainsbury’s Digital & Technology function was coming to Manchester in a big way.



By the campaign’s end, the Sainsbury’s Digital & Technology microsite received a record 7,500 monthly visitors (up from 4,500). 

The campaign not only delivered all 400 new recruits, but also saved Sainsbury’s a massive 64% on their recruitment consultancy spending.




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