Discover Sainsbury’s Employer Brand


Sainsbury’s people number over 150,000. Its sub-brands and divisions are numerous. It’s a hugely scoping business with many different personalities almost impossible to pull together under a single Brand identity. Yet that’s the challenge we were tasked with.



We gave our client an overarching Employer Brand that invited each of the various target audiences to ‘Discover Sainsbury’s’. This positioned Sainsbury’s as much more than just a supermarket – as a tech company, as a Pharmacy, as a food technology company and much more besides…

We also brought together their multiple careers microsites together under the banner of, making the process of looking for a role within the company much simpler and more appealing.


IMPACT actually enjoyed more unique visitors in its launch year than the Sainsbury’s consumer website. There are few careers sites that can make such a claim. And it’s testament to the quality of the Employer Brand rollout we delivered, which drove traffic in huge numbers to it, giving Sainsbury’s a true talent pipeline.




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