Jupiter Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement







This statement is made in accordance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the measures that Jupiter Advertising Ltd (hereby to be known as ‘Jupiter’) takes to ensure that slavery and human trafficking does not occur within our supply chain, nor within any part of our business.

Jupiter helps organisations to recruit and retain the best people via an ‘employer branding’-led model of resourcing. We target entry-level candidates, as well as volume recruits and senior, professional and specialist recruits. All of these candidates are targeted via messaging, imagery and media that supports an agency-wide Equality & Diversity agenda.


Inclusion is at the heart of Jupiter’s creative thinking in order to deliver the best possible candidate experience throughout the application process and into recruitment where possible, via internal communications materials. The selection and communication tools we develop are there precisely to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are made virtually impossible within the workplaces of our clients.


Beyond this, Jupiter also has an agenda to openly oppose all forms of slavery and human trafficking if and where we do encounter it. We would challenge any client where evidence of such was highlighted as well as terminating any relationship with said client at least until provided with evidence to suggest that effective measures had been taken to cease activity that contravenes modern slavery and/or human trafficking laws.


The systems we have in place to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking do not take place with Jupiter itself are robust. We operate an 8.5-hour working day with a 1-hour lunch break, pay our people in accordance within the requirements of the National Minimum Wage and offer our people 24 days’ paid holiday a year plus Bank Holidays.


This statement highlighting our strong opposition of modern slavery and human trafficking guides all of our interactions with all of our clients, customers and suppliers directly contracted or appointed to act on our behalf. All Jupiter employees are obligated to read and understand this statement so that they are able to act in accordance with it. And Jupiter makes sure that it is provided to all new starters along with their contracts of employment. We also share it with our clients and suppliers at the beginning of working relationships with them.


Jupiter fully understands its statutory obligation to set out the measures detailed in this statement. However, we are also aware that we cannot control the conduct of individuals working for our suppliers. Therefore, we undertake stringent risk assessments with suppliers to determine the likelihood of their potential connection to modern slavery and human trafficking. This includes demanding that our suppliers confirm their commitment to the prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking upon signing a contract of works with Jupiter.


The leadership team at Jupiter has ultimate accountability for ensuring that our agency operates in compliance with this statement. And the statement is subject to annual review by that team.






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