Milan Reserve Roastery® campaign launch


The Reserve Roastery® is Starbucks’ theatre of coffee. Rare and specialist beans are roasted and blended on-site and served to customers by connoisseurs who are as much entertainers as they are Baristas. It is a place where love for the product is as essential as the ability to inspire passion for it.

The first Roastery® in Seattle had been a roaring success. Now, though, the challenge was to launch the same concept within a much more difficult-to-attract market: the city whose culture had inspired the entire Starbucks brand: Milan.



As the home of independent coffee culture, Milan needed to be treated with a degree of sensitivity. We needed to demonstrate respect for the city’s knowledge and passion for coffee. Starbucks wasn’t here to show Milan how great coffee was done but, rather, to celebrate and show gratitude to the culture without which there would be no Starbucks.

Our tasteful, opulent campaign showed the Roastery® in all its glory, with headlines developed in both English and Italian to ensure both brand consistency and maximum impact. We crafted copy in order to both excite the audience and give respect to them as true experts in the Milanese culture of coffee.



The Milan Reserve Roastery® opens its doors in September 2018 on the Piazza Cordusio... and thanks to Jupiter, is already fully staffed. 



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